September 30, 2009

Dawson Creek

 Many of the maples and oaks were starting to get fall color.

We like to go to this park to see the waterfowl, look for Acorn Woodpeckers and see if we can see any other birds.

I think this is a Red-tailed, right? It sounded like one, but I don't want to ID it definitively.
We had no idea the Acorn Woodpeckers would be so active! I guess it makes sense due to the acorns ripening. The park is ringed in Oak trees and the Acorn Woodpeckers were busily flying from the oak trees to their cache snags. Back and forth, back and forth. A few jays were getting in on the action too.

Inspired by the woodpeckers, I plan to draw them for the annual fundraiser for the Audubon Society of Portland. The Wild Arts Festival in November will be selling 6x6 canvas' painted by artists. There is still time to participate. Here is where you can get the info if you'd like to donate your talents.


  1. Superb captures! Love the reflection in the water! Nicely captured!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. Great ACWO photos! They would make a great subject for the Wild Arts painting. I have not decided what I will paint. I need to get outside for some inspiration.

  3. The turning trees are lovely. Great action shots of the Acorn woodies!

  4. Super colours & reflections along the creek. FAB


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