October 29, 2009

Bits of Autumn in the Garden

It seems like the fall colors appeared over night.

We still haven't carved our pumpkins, but I have been making meals from the ambercup squash that I grew. The squash is the short round one on the left. It makes good soup.

Red-twig Dogwood with lovely fall color.

As quickly as these maples colored up, the leaves have been falling. Some of the maple trees have dropped all their leaves since I took this photo. The other night it dipped into the 30's (F) and it has been quite chilly.

The Pineapple Sage, always a late bloomer, is still full of nectar and the Anna's Hummingbirds are loving it. I have all three hummingbird feeders up, but the salvias that continue to bloom are very popular.


  1. There's no doubt that Dogwoods & Maples are top performers in the autumnal show. FAB

  2. It's all beautiful, Michele, but I really like that 2nd photo. Gives us a glimpse of all the beauty you have right there around your house. Happy Halloween! (I know it's a little early yet, but they're doing trick-or-treat in a lot of the neighborhoods around here tonight.)

  3. P.S. Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Beautiful autumn series: I love the third picture!

  5. ....you've really turned your yard into a showplace of blossoms (especially for the hummingbirds). Love the Pineapple Sage, and your pumpkins are gorgeous.


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