October 12, 2009

The Mighty Oak

I headed back to Dawson Creek recently. I wanted to take photos of all the acorns. The park has various types of oak trees. Many Pin Oak and possibly Garry Oak, our native. I wandered all over the park in search of photographically perfect acorns. There were lots to choose from!


  1. ...beautiful autumn shots--my favorites are the third and fourth shots (love the little acorn hat still attached to the branch!).

  2. What great variety... and lovely shots, too. Were there any squirrels nearby telling you to stay away from their food? : )

  3. Acorns are so darn cool. Lovely pictures, as usual!

  4. beautiful photos! the oak is most certainly a tree to be admired.

    your soup sounds delicious! thanks for the recipe link. i will check it out for sure.

    hope your night is great!


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