December 07, 2009

And the winner is...

Jennifer won the First Ever Giveaway! Jennifer and Steve blog over at the Common Milkweed. They write about hiking, cooking, crafting and living the simple life. They are always cooking up yummy looking the towel will be a handy addition to their kitchen.

I embroidered my fingers to the bone (not really), but I got inspired by a friend's felt ornaments and switched crafty projects and started making my own designs. You can find DIY kits at Kendra's etsy shop to make these Three Wise Owls:

She ships the cut out felt and all the supplies to put them together with instructions. They were easy to make and oh so cute!

Felt was fun to work with so I moved on to some more ornaments. I have been busy make birds of the Northwest. Can you tell what they are?

This morning I woke to icy temperatures in the 20's. All the hummingbird feeders were frozen so I hauled out the holiday lights and hooked them to two of the three feeders to keep them thawed. The large light bulbs offer just enough heat to keep the liquid from freezing. Pour little hummers!

Thanks for entering the giveaway. It was fun and I might just do that again!


  1. YAY! So excited Michele. Thank you! You are so super crafty - those ornaments are AWESOME. I love, love, love the birds! My guesses are chestnut-backed chickadee,Oriole?, American goldfinch, Spotted Towhee, Stellars Jay, Black-headed Grosbeak?

  2. Michele, your cute little felt birdies are awesome!!! I especially love the Towhee and Jay...

  3. What cute felt ornaments and what a creative way to thaw your hummingbird feeders! What would they do without you?

  4. My daughter at is an Etsy seller, too. Check her felt bird ornaments, you two are on a wavelength...I love your birds of the Northwest, neat idea

  5. Love those bird ornaments!

  6. Ohhhhh....Michele, those tea towels and ornaments are adorable!!!! Would looove to see them in person, maybe with a bow around them...hehehe!!! Good job on yet another crafty project!!! I am still using the tea towel that you made for me years ago!!!


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