December 21, 2009

Shortest Day of the Year

I'm spending my weekend enjoying winter.

I have perfected Chai Tea and I have been making weekly batches. So warming and yummy.

Fresh baked gingerbread cookies go well with chai.

And so do craft projects.

And cuddly old doggies.

How did you spend your shortest day of the year?


  1. How did I spend the shortest day?
    By celebrating my son's 18th birthday, planting garlic and addressing my holiday cards (I'm a bit late...) :-)

  2. Michele, you're so cute and crafty I can't stand it. I'm doing all my baking tonight. I celebrated the shortest day of the year by donating blood - a true gift that keeps on giving. Cuddle that old doggie for me, will ya? Happy Holidays to you, Mr. Nut and Nina!

  3. the cookies and craft projects look great....not too sure about the tea.


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