January 02, 2010

Ridgefield NWR- Part 1

On New Year's Day we went to Ridgefield NWR for our annual auto tour. The weather started out dry with a few parting clouds, but ended with rain. For the most part the weather was cooperative though. The theme of this post is herons, herons, and more herons.

The oak trees around the refuge are majestic! I love the silhouettes.

A bit of snow was still remaining from our "big" storm on Tuesday.

The moments of sunshine were great. Nothing helps photography like a bit of light.

There was ample opportunity on Friday!

It was a bit breezy and this heron's hairdo was getting blown around.

Last year we were in shock and awe by the heron/vole predator-prey action. We got really close-up views of it last year. This year we saw two herons do the same thing: 1) catch a vole 2) find water 3) dunk the squirming vole 4)swallow the vole 5) get a drink of water. Fascinating.

Tomorrow: part 2 ....birds of prey and more.


  1. great pictures and we are fascinated by the vole action too. we had no idea!

  2. Wow these are great!!


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