January 11, 2010

Yardbirds Update

But first, a bit of winter color:

Two of my three amaryllis have bloomed so far. Now they are sending up second stalks too!

I recently put the chickadee feeder back out. They eat out of other feeders, but they really love this one. I fill it with black oil sunflower seed, their favorite.

House Finches are a "common" yardbird, but I never tire of the males and their pretty colors.

It's been a bit wet around here and this Northern Flicker is drenched!

This is how he looks at me when the suet feeder is empty. oops.

Above: a wet Downy Woodpecker. Below: a wet Mourning Dove.

Even the Anna's Hummingbird looks like she is tired of the rain.

A bit of rain doesn't slow this guy down though.


  1. Ha!! I love the sad and wet flicker!

  2. WOW! An exceptional series!

  3. Great photos of a hungry chickadee! Will you be organizing a February bird count this year? If all goes well, we will have a yard of own by then...

  4. Max: no plans to host a bird count....why don't you host one? I'll participate....

  5. I laughted out loud at the sodden, angry, hungry and very grumpy flicker! Those guys have personality to burn. Squirrel looks like s/he might be getting ahold of some of the chickadees' sunflower seets, that's quite a roll of belly chub! Daughter's class is studying birds at the moment and I plan to share your site with the other families as a great resource. Cheers!


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