March 15, 2010

My Urban Farm

Spring is in the air!

Literally! These hyacinth smell wonderful. I clipped a small bouquet of grape hyacinth too. They smell grape-y, but you wouldn't know it unless you get down on your hands and knees to smell them....or clip a bouquet like I did.

I haven't seen any Rufous Hummingbirds yet, but when they show up they will love this Flowering Currant. The bush I planted five years ago died last summer, so this is a new start.

Even Nina the Garden Dog can smell spring.

This flowering Vibernum is wonderful!

The Mallard pair are here everyday.

Kale overwintered really nicely and you can see my new strawberry starts in the foreground.

The kick-off to spring gardening is planting peas. I always start them indoors to give them a head start (and to keep birds from eating the new sprouts.)

My mason bees are active too. Here you can see a male making his way out of the cocoon shelter. By the way, that mud looking stuff is bee poo.

I bought a Persimmon tree. I hope it produces fruit someday, but even if it doesn't produce well, they make a pretty tree.

Soon I will turn over the cover crop and make way for warm season veggies. For now, a few lettuce starts will get me going.

Finally, a farm isn't complete without chickens! These will be my guests for the next eight weeks. By then they will be able to go to my parent's farm and go to the the "big chicken" coop.
I got a Barred Rock, Black Sexlink, Golden Sexlink, and a White Leghorn. I might add a couple of more if I can find different breeds.

Say "hi" to my little chick!


  1. Hiiiiiiiii little chick!! You are adorable! Be good to your Auntie Michele, eat your chick feed and don't get pasty butt!

    p.s. I *love* flowering currants. Where did you get that beauty?

  2. Fun happenings up there. :) I love your mason bee pic!

  3. Hi little chickie! Hi mason bee! Hi Nina! Hi mallards! Hi beautiful flowers and signs of spring!!!! So lovely to greet all these beautiful signs.

  4. Hello lovely chick, I hope you grow up happy - and not end up in the pot!!!
    Beautiful shots, thanls!

  5. These chickens WILL NOT end up in the pot! They are all layers. My parents flock is aging (a retirement home for chickens) and this will add some youth to them.

    Danni: I got the flowering currant at 7 Dees on Butner Rd. I don't remember the variety, although they are all pretty.

  6. Thank you! I actually got a 7 Dees gift card for my birthday - now I know what I'm going to get! :-)

  7. I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

  8. Love the little chicks.


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