May 11, 2010

Birdathon- Oaks Bottom

Sunday I participated in the Audubon Society of Portland's annual fundraiser, Birdathon. We birded Oaks Bottom, a great wetlands in the heart of southeast Portland. The habitat next to the Willamette river means lots of birds!

We started out walking through the amusement park next to the river. Yellow-rumped Warblers could be heard in the tree tops and our fearless leader was determined that we all see them.

Here she is setting up the scope for a good view.

Osprey can be seen nesting on the electrical towers. There is good fish hunting in the river nearby.

The water was really low and the Great Blue Heron were all congregated together for fishing. On the way back we counted 18.

Killdeer on the railroad tracks.

Can you see him? Look closely.

This little frog was right next to the path and I didn't even see him. Someone else pointed him out. What a cute little guy.
We counted 42 birds for Birdathon and helped raise money for our local Audubon...a great asset to our community. We had a fun time and couldn't have asked for better weather!

On another note....saw my first Black-headed Grosbeak in the yard on Monday. And eating cracked corn of all things.


  1. Nice rump shot of your fearless leader...tee hee. Thanks for the Hot All Bird Action shirt - it fits perfectly!

  2. ...sounds like a fun day of birding! Love the shot of the Kildeer on the tracks...

  3. Whoa that's a lot of herons! Cute frog too.. I've never seen one those colors.


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