May 25, 2010

Ridgefield NWR::Kiwa Trail


On the drive into the refuge, we saw the Bittern again.

I rarely see White-breasted Nuthatches, so it was a treat to see some in the wooded area of the trail.

This one had some sort of item it was hammering on. It kind of looks peanut like, but hard to tell.

Tree swallows were looking at the holes in the trees. This male and female didn't seem to agree on a nesting hole.

There were (ahem) other signs of nesting behavior too.

And this was odd....

One of my friends noticed these Pacific Forktails all gathered together on one plant. And just this one plant. Weird.

Painted turtles were trying to catch a bit of sun. What there was of it.

Next time: Snipe hunting and how to find a Snipe tunnel. Yep.


  1. I can't wait! Do you use a paper bag or a gunny sack to catch 'em?

  2. Wow - all those damselflies on one plant! How peculiar and interesting. We still have never seen a bittern. :(

  3. Those swallow pictures are great! And the bittern looks beautiful.

  4. Having fun catching up with your the snipe trail..
    and odd all those fork tails together..
    great photos and tour of Ridgefield NWR


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