June 16, 2010

Good Bugs

I released some ladybugs a while back and they seem to be happlily reproducing in my garden.

Bumblebees love the Valerian flowers. These flowers have reseeded throughout the garden and give off a pleasant heliotrope-like fragrance. This little guy has a tattered wing.

I got this "summer mason bee" house this spring. Some solitary bees like small holes and are active during the summer. A bee is using it! I haven't seen who filled them, but I'm watching and I hope to get more photos of the visitor.
I have Orchard mason bee houses that get used each spring. They have a larger hole than these.


  1. Cool! I'd never seen a bee house like that.

  2. I love your bug friends! I've read a lot about bee houses on Xerces website and know you often (once a year?) have to clean the cells out. How does that go for you? Yay for pollinators!

    I received your check in the mail today. I hope you get your soap soon! It was priority mailed on Monday.

  3. I love those Valerian flowers...so pretty! I've never seen a bee house like that...cool!

  4. ooh nicely done! This is some of the loveliest photography of bees I have seen!



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