June 07, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

We have had an unbelievably wet May here in Western Oregon. Typically I would have my veggie garden going and things would be thriving by now. I planted some tomato plants about three weeks ago, in addition to some cucumbers, melon seeds, and delicata squash seeds. All the seeds rotted in the ground and the cucumber is melting in the rain.

Here is what the garden looked like Sunday morning:

Fortunately the peas seem to be thriving and I have been enjoying harvests.

This stash of plants have been waiting to go into the ground for over two weeks.

So what does one do in this rainy weather? Ark building?
Nope: Indoor projects!
I am about halfway done with this granny square afghan. My inspiration is at Attic 24 where she has some wonderful hooky posts. I am cheered by her blog on a rainy, cloudy day.

How can this NOT lift your mood?!

And it's Nina Approved.


  1. Aw, Nina dog.
    I spy Cuphea in your stash?
    I, too, have a few plants to go in the ground - they are sitting in their appointed spots but, well, you know.....

  2. wow! you are so so wet there. i hope you dry out soon. i love your granny square blanket! i used to know how to crochet and then i forgot somewhere along the way. i've been recently obsessed with anything granny square so i am going to have to teach myself again. i love attic24! thanks for sharing that blog.

  3. Great afghan! I had a few seeds/plants washed out by the rain here. Luckily the rain has passed us by and I was able to re-plant those items:)

  4. This weather has me going nutty crazy. I too am a native Oregonian and I thought I could handle rain, but this is enough! I have at least been enjoying the birds more than usual since many are seeking shelter in my tall Doug firs.

    Beautiful afghan too! I wish I could figure out how to do that kind of thing...

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  6. Very nice image--I can almost smell the sage. I was so impressed with the sage that I brought some back East with me and kept it until it turned to dust.

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