June 24, 2010

Steigerwald NWR- Part 2

Laura heard it first. And she knows her bird calls. It was an Oriole! Bullocks Oriole to be exact.

Is this nest envy? We weren't sure why this Oriole was hanging out on this abandoned (osprey?) nest.

Here is the Oriole's nest. Can you see it? No? Look at this photo:

This is a well disguised nest about 20 feet off the ground. Laura spotted it by following all the calling and begging from the kids.

There's one of the little beggars.

The papa Oriole was a beauty.

And both of the parents were busy keeping them well fed.

Next time: When a heron and a blackbird spar, who wins? Part 3 at Steigerwald.


  1. Great shots! So glad you got both the male and female at the nest. Thanks!!


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