June 26, 2010

Steigerwald NWR- Part 3

And finally I get to the birds! I haven't tallied a complete list, but saw a lot of species in this mixed habitat. Goldfinches like the open meadow areas and were frequenting the thistles.

Cedar Waxwings were bouncing amoungst the trees.

Swallows and Purple Martins were heard and seen overhead.

Osprey were flying all over.

I just love House Wrens! I have such good luck photographing them and they are very patient with me.

Later on down the trail we see a great blue heron (GBH) fly in. As Laura's birding companion noted, this was a 2010 model. Maybe the red winged blackbird (RWB) noticed he was a newbie?

Here you can see that the heron is checking him out. When the RWB first flew in, he landed on the branches above the GBH. Then he dive bombed the GBH a few times.

The RWB sure raised the GBH's hackles! Do GBH's have hackles?

The GBH wasn't detered from his hunting perch though. In the end the RWB left the heron to himself. I wonder why the RWB was after him?

And I'll leave you with a test. Can you see it:

There's an American Bittern in there! They sure can disguise themselves!


  1. Wonderful pictures, especially the heron and blackbird encounter! I have never been to Steigerwald; I may have to check it out.

  2. Heron hackles!! Those are awesome photos!!

  3. Great pictures! I am still on the lookout for a bittern. I hope your garden is growing, growing, growing now!


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