July 05, 2010

A Busy Backyard

Last month the yard got a bit quiet. I suppose it was due to the wet weather and it was nesting time for the birds. But things have changed lately. I am dazzled by all the action in the backyard!

Parents have been busy teaching their kids the ropes.

Remember the demanding chickadee babies? Well, they are still very present in the yard. I have noticed the parents aren't putting up with their begging antics any more. I have watched them ignore the kids and fly off without feeding them. The juvenile usually just sits there and cries, then eventually eats a chunk of suet/seed on their own.

In both of these photos you can see the juvenile with its mouth open begging for food.

Juvenile Scrub Jays are abound! I counted seven jays today and most of them looked young. They have a grayish, fluffy look about them. On this one you see the pink next to the bill, a sign of a juvenile bird.

Towhees must have also nested nearby. I regualarly see these two juveniles. The parents are heard throughout the day calling to the family.

One of the busiest feeders in the yard right now is the suet. I put up a second one after coming home one evening and finding that it was a busy restaurant!

The Downy and Flicker seem to be sharing nicely.

I haven't been seeing the Mallards as regularly, although there were two males this morning. This female stopped by for dinner recently.

Now, how about I test your observation skills.
Take a look at the following photos and tell me how many birds you see in them. I'll give you the answers tomorrow.

Photo One.

Photo Two.

Photo Three.

Photo Four.


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