July 29, 2010

Cabin Lake-more of Day 3 of Vacation

After visiting Fort Rock and driving through the sage brush desert, we arrived at Cabin Lake. From my last post, you can see we were greeted by the official greeter. He was waiting at one of the two blinds that are placed on the forest service campground. The blinds have a watering hole that attracts birds and wildlife from miles around.

We set up in the first blind and watched for a while, but found more action at the lower blind.

A flashy Western Tanager

The water attracts butterflies too.

It was only 10am, but it was getting hot already.

Well, well ,well....who is *that?!*

She was a sly one, sneaking in and getting a drink. It was cute to see her cling to the rocks, then dip in for a drink.

People have decorated with twigs and branches. It makes it nice for photography and gives the birds a place to land when flying in for a drink.

White-headed Woodpecker... my first sighting ever!

I assumed these were Purple Finches, but I was corrected...these are Cassin's Finch. Other than seeing in my field guide that Purple Finches are not in this region, I would have a hard time telling them apart.

Clark's Nutcracker

Cassin's Finch

On the way out I spotted this Lewis's Woodpecker. Unfortunately he was quite a distance away and I didn't get a great look at him.

I later learned that it would be better to get to this great birding spot earlier in the morning. There is camping there, which would make it easier, but it is a very remote location.
In any case, we saw some fun stuff! But they day didn't end there....next time I'll show you Sparks Lake in the evening.


  1. Worth the wait! Nice Nutcracker - that's one we didn't see at the blind.

  2. Wow, great photos. Love the shot of the Western Tanager.

  3. Congrats on the White-headed Woodpecker! I've only seen them twice, once at Idlewild Campground in Oregon near Bend and just recently in Garden Valley, Idaho.

    You always take fantastic photos with good composition. Thanks for blogging!


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