July 08, 2010

How I spent my July 4th

Sunday we woke at the crack of dawn and got out to Jackson Bottoms Wetlands at 7am. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Mosquitoes were not as bad at Ridgefield, but they were present. Seems this year they are bad everywhere. I guess we can blame that on the extra wet spring.

Douglas Spirea in bloom.

What is this? I flipped through my book, but didn't see it.

Cedar Waxwings were going for the berries in the trees.

At the gazebo this Barn Swallow was feeding four babies.

Look at the fluff on their heads!

A Robin was sitting on eggs a couple of feet away.

She tolerated me for a minute, then gave me THIS look. I know that look. I moved on.

A Green Heron was hanging out by Pintail Pond, then flew to this perch.

We decided to go to Killin Wetland next.

On the way we stopped and photographed some cows enjoying the sunny morning. As it turned out we went to Killin Wetlands, Vernonia, Scappoose, and ended on Sauvie Island. Stay tuned for more of our adventures....


  1. SPIREA! Why do I never remember that one?? I know why, I call it Annie's flower because my walking partner always collected a few for her table (we lived in a mountain valley and walked old logging roads). She thought they smelled like warm peaches. I never quite caught that. I spotted a blue flower that is like your unnamed flower growing in my front garden. I'll be watching to see what yours is.

  2. Rainsong: My friend Dan told me this about that flower: "This is Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa). I think it was planted as part of the butterfly garden at Jackson Bottoms. It is a fairly common native in parts of Oregon. Mostly southern Oregon." Now that he mentions it, the flower does look like a milkweed!

  3. WOW! I've just been getting caught up and love all the farm pics. The milkweed is a beauty too. :) It looks like you are enjoying fun adventures this summer!

    The yarn in the pic is from Knit Picks. They have really good prices, but sadly I think I am done with them. I can't source their wool or their dyes so I will be looking for a better supplier in the future! The colors are great though, aren't they?!

  4. Ack I have a lot to catch up on.. Love the swallow babies! I'm way jealous of your heron too.


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