July 01, 2010

Ridgefield on Monday

We headed up to Ridgefield NWR at the crack of dawn on Monday. We got there around 7am. I was hoping we'd see some good stuff before it got too warm.

Bunnies were out in full force. (notice there are two in this photo!)

This one seemed to be lounging after breakfast.

He did not approve of my photography.

After reading Jen's recent posts about the mosquitoes, you'd think I would have been warned off. She mentions that they are bad at Ridgefield, but I had NO IDEA!! Let me just say, the mosquitoes are REALLY bad. I have never seen so many anywhere before! We got out of the car and were covered in them and they flew in my mouth and we swatted at them and then ran back to our car.
They are bad.

We continued the auto tour and saw some deer. One was laying down in the grass. They eventually both moved out further.

We saw a few ducks and a pretty GBH.

These caterpillars on the tansy ragwort were interesting! I learned a little something about them when I looked them up at home. I'll tell you about it next time when I show you what we saw at Powell Butte. (where there were no mosquitoes!)


  1. Nice pic of the heron. And it's good to see the cinnabar caterpillars. We used to have lots of them in our area, eating up the tansy, but I haven't seen any for several years now, sadly.

  2. Oh no!! Those mosquitoes are awfu! I love those caterpillars... Great pictures. I'm off to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton tomorrow so I'll hopefuly have some fun stuff to share soon!

  3. We brought mosquitos back from our trip, too, but they hadn't actually been that bad while we were there....huh.
    I love the buns. Buns buns buns!

  4. OOOOOO! I just love the caterpillars and the resulting adult moth. How beautiful!!


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