July 15, 2010

Sandy River Delta

I am way behind on sharing my adventures with you! We visited Sandy River Delta on July 5th.
It was a cloudy day and not very bird-y. I have been told that we missed the peak time for bird action. We did enjoy a nice walk though.

After reviewing my photos I realized they main subject matter was very blue! Blue Lazuli Bunting.

Blue wildflower restoration meadow.

Anybody know what these are? There was a sea of blue in the field.


  1. All of the blue is deee-lightful!

  2. Nice! I still have never seen a Lazuli Bunting... At the Sandy Delta I'm always more concerned about what that disgusting thing is that my dog is rolling in rather than birds. I need to start paying attention!

  3. The blue flowers are Globe Gilia (Gilia capitata). You also have a Large-flowered Collomia (Collomia grandiflora)


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