July 22, 2010

Vacation - Day 1

We headed to central Oregon for vacation last week. We stopped in a few places near Sisters in search of nature.

Butterfly on a wild rose. Arrowhead Blue?

We stopped at Suttle Lake on the way to Sisters. Wild (unless they naturalized from somewhere) Lilies were in bloom along the path. Many butterflies were flitting about, but they were too quick for photos.

This merganser family was basking in the sun on a log. I like how the one little guy has his leg thrown out behind himself in a fully relaxed pose.

The lodge had beautiful pots of petunias in bloom.

The 'Three Sisters'.
While having lunch in Sisters, we read about a local lake and meadow with a great wildflower display. We decided to go find it. Little did we know that Three Creek Lake is about 20 miles up into the mountains at about 6500' ! But that is where the wildflowers bloom!

Isn't this gorgeous? Imagine this view all 360 degrees around you!

Not sure where I took this photo to tell you the truth...possibly at another location (Calliope Crossing). Is it a Western Wood-Pewee? Or is it an Olive-sided Flycatcher...or???

Back at the meadow...

A couple of guys were fishing in one of the "three creeks." As you might imagine, the mosquitoes were ferocious here in this damp land. But all this mountain snow melt created some great wildflowers and wildflowers mean *butterflies*!

Further up the road we saw some snow still on the ground. Strange to see when it's 78 degrees out.

The meadow was quiet, but there was more activity at the lake. And people in that ice cold water---eek!

Indian Paintbrush in the meadow.

An unidentified Blue on Shooting Star.

Douglas' Aster meadow.

Callippe Fritillary?

A Skipper?

Meadow Fritillary?

Another Skipper or Dustywing?

I thought this might be in the orchid family, or is it in the Figwort family?

Such beautiful scenery and well worth the drive.

Butterflies in all colors were flitting around. This yellow one wasn't as cooperative as some.

This Chipping Sparrow was preening and when he saw me he gave me the look.

Yellow Warbler?

If you are in the area, you should check it out. Sounds like the flowers start blooming in July...and I imagine the landscape is snowy up till then.

If any of you know the ID of any of my sightings, please let me know!


  1. Worth the wait!!
    I would love to check that place out. Can you camp there?

  2. Love your Suttle Lake photos. We stopped there a couple of weeks ago but all we saw were Canadian Geese!

  3. Wow that's a lot of pretty flowers! Can't wait to see more pictures.


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