August 25, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs

Remember these little girls that lived in my garage for eight weeks?

Well they are earning their keep now! My parents brought some eggs for me.

The eggs in the back row are mostly from the older hens, and larger. The eggs in the front are from the younger hens. You can tell which one Foghorn Leghorn layed! (the white one)

Turns out Delaware (the Delaware hen) is in fact very friendly as the information stated. She follows my dad around and likes to be picked up and held. None of the others are quite this friendly. There is still much segregation between the old hens and the young hens. One of the young ones is allowed to socialize with them, but otherwise they stay in their designated groups.

Funny birds!


  1. Beautiful eggs! I love all the colors. Oh & yes, your coasters are put to great use here! :)


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