August 05, 2010

Hummers in the Garden

The section of the garden that I call the "Hummingbird Garden" is blooming like crazy right now. I have hummingbird attracting flowers all over the garden, but in one section I have a bunch of bee balm and other flowers together.

I have a seed feeder and suet feeder in this section too. The hummingbirds like to perch on the thin iron of the suet feeder.

See the hummer at the top? He/she stakes our their territory and makes sure no others come to feed on the nectar in "their" patch.

Shockingly, two land together on the feeder!
But you can tell that this won't last for long!

And a fight ensues! They do not tolerate others in their bee balm patch.

By the way, have I shown you my giant lilies this year? Nina the dog poses so you can see the scale. They are huge and smell WONDERFUL!


  1. Love the hummingbird shots. I have a tiger lily in full bloom right now- I thought IT was big, but yours is titanic!

  2. Great Hummingbird photos. Even better you have an area to keep on shooting them. Very nice!

  3. Watch out, Nina, that lily looks hungry!

  4. The garden looks wonderful!
    Interesting hummer feeder and great photos:)

  5. Your lilies are amazing! And the hummingbirds aren't bad either!


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