September 14, 2010

Garden Birds

There have been a lot of finches at the feeders these days. Not as many as some years....yet. There is often an influx in the fall.

This visitor popped in one day a couple of weeks ago. Pacific-slope Flycatcher??
He was dining on daddy long legs he snatched from the flower garden.

In other bird news: I am still seeing a Rufous Hummingbird hanging around and Steller's Jays have been visiting frequently. A White-crowned Sparrow has been seen under the feeders and Bushtits are flocking back up and visiting the suet feeder. What is happening at your bird feeders these days?


  1. My feeder has gotten buried behind the leaves of a bush that grew too big. But I have seen chickadees, the usual starlings, towhees, song sparrows--the last two usually on the ground under the feeder. I think I've been seeing juvenile Anna's hummingbirds--they're darker than the usual adults I see. I need to start putting suet out again for the downy woodpeckers and nuthatches.

  2. Wow I realllllly love that second photo! My bird feeders are completely desolate. I was neglectful all summer and now I've refilled them in hopes some birds will return...


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