September 21, 2010

Rainy Weekend

I have been in love with granny square-ing and stripe-ing. The process is easy, mindless, and so rewarding. I ordered this yarn online as an experiment. I'm pleased to see the colors play well. I'm not sure how big this will be. Currently I'm just going around and around till I think it's "done."

I got a book at the library, Crocheted Flowers by Nicky Epstein. There are some adorable stars that might be fun as a garland, but I like these "snowballs" and made them with a hook to hang in the bath and use as scrubbies. I crocheted them with cotton yarn.
Notice the pretty soap from my friends at the Common Milkweed? I bought a bunch of bars and still have two left!

Because of the late start to the growing season and the early rains, I have been hunting for good green tomato recipes. I found this one for salsa. I made some pinto beans and rice to go with it. It came out better than I expected. That website looks good and I plan to read more of it.

The other recipe I tried was Pickled Tomatoes. I canned these and haven't cracked open a jar yet to try them. I suspect the overpowering flavor of onions, vinegar, sugar and spices will prevail. By the way, I tried my new no-BPA-canning lids. These are made by Tattler. This is my first try in using them. They seemed to seal well and I am excited that they are reusable and not coated with BPA. They cost more initially, but there are no annual cost of supplies. I'll just have to train friends to save them to return to me if I use them on gifts.

Are you canning anything these days? What do you do with green tomatoes?


  1. love the granny afghan! the gray really brings it! :) great job

  2. You go lady! Things are looking super in your corner of the NW. :)

  3. I often have left over green tomatoes as well. I make a hot spiced pickled tomatoe. Basically a normal pickleing recipe only add a few cloves of garlic and a couple jalapenos. Give a bit of a change from the normal plane pickled ones. I am in a lull for canning right now. Finished canning sour cherries a few weeks ago. I freeze all my berries and make jams latter when it cold and miserable outside. I will have to check into those new canning lids and get my old ones all replaced. Thanks for sharing that imformation. Happy Autumn.

  4. Your granny square and kitchen goodies look lovely! Sorry I haven't been around - I've missed all your beautiful photography! Take care -Heather (of the Hills)


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