October 06, 2010

Time to Migrate Little Guy

On October 4, this Rufous Hummingbird was still hanging around the garden. I had to confirm if this was a Rufous with Laura and John since he isn't very rufous-y.

On the other hand, this hummingbird (below) is an Anna's and they stay here all through the winter. I just put my hummingbird feeders back out. I have a lot of flowers in the summer that they prefer, but soon those will fade and they will fight over my three feeders.


  1. ahh..its that time of year again..time to change things up..
    Great pics.

  2. I love your hummingbirds!
    Is that Meadow Clary in the last shot - a rare plant in the wild over here, and I'd like to grow it if I can find some for sale.

  3. Steve: don't give up your blog!!! And that last flower is Salvia guaranitica 'black and blue'. It is very trendy here and the hummers love it. I would like to say I could guarantee you will get hummers if you plant it, but alas....


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