November 30, 2010

Blog Changes and Pintail Butts

Northern Pintails at Ridgefield NWR

I have pondered getting my own dotcom for a while. I can't say there is really any good reason to, but I just like the idea. We have used for our photo card business, so I had to get creative and come up with something new. There has been some confusion from our vendors with my blog having the same name, so I have renamed the blog and my new URL is, although blogger will just redirect you if you use the old address. If you are considering getting your own URL, it is easy to do through blogger under your Settings/ Publishing tabs. Google will set it up for you which is nice.


  1. like the new name! i've been thinking of getting my own domain too and doing a bit of a blog reformat. . .time permitting, hopefully it will happen soon:)

  2. That's a good name! I didn't know it was so easy to do! (Guess what I'm about to go do..)

  3. Blog Changes and Pintail Butts. There's a country song in there somewhere. :-)


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