November 27, 2010

Crochet Projects

I have been enjoying doing more crochet lately.

I found this cute star pattern here.

I started another blanket, a ripple in three shades of green.

This is the Potato Chip Scarf.

Nina doesn't seem very excited to model it does she?

Are you crafting these days?


  1. I really enjoyed you many birding pictures. And your backyard list. I think I need to move to see that many. :)

  2. Those stars are so pretty, but not as pretty as Nina in the scarf! She's could be a Christmas card!

  3. Love the stars, but I especially love that scarf on Nina. She's just so cute. I think she might want one in a brighter color, though. ;) (I'm in serious baking mode... or at least baking contemplation mode right now. Got some projects lined up in my head, just need to turn the oven on!)


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