November 03, 2010

Sunday Morning at Ridgefield

On my drive up to Ridgefield the freeway was foggy, then sunny, then foggy and I had no idea what I'd get at Ridgefield. As I descended into the refuge, the fog was lifting.

Great Egrets were seen.

White-throated Sparrow on the trail to the blind...and I have a photo to prove it!
(I just love these guys. Two winters ago I had two in my backyard and was disappointed to not have any last winter. On Monday I saw one in the garden!!!! and hope he comes back for an extended stay.)

I saw more Sandhill Cranes flying over, but this one was near the newly plowed wetlands across from the Kiwa Trail and he was making alot of noise.

I saw a number of Great Blue Herons....a reliable sighting at Ridgefield.

A Northern Harrier was flying all over the refuge...maybe there was more than one?

What the heck is this? It appears to be a pile of nutria? Really? Do they do this?

Next time: a cutie I saw at Ridgefield.


  1. Eeeek I saw a pile of nutria the other day too!!!! I was like what the heck? I had never seen that either! So funny... I love the fog photos and I am very jealous of your White-throated Sparrows!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures that make me grateful to live in the Pacific Northwest. I'm looking forward to checking out your photog note cards at the Friends of Tryon Creek's Forest Market next month (will some of these be in the collection?).


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