December 14, 2010

Collecting Spring Water

Yesterday my brother and I drove to a spring on Hwy 26, Mile Marker 28. We filled a whole bunch of bottles of water to drink. Why? Because Spring Water is healthy and good tasting!

There is a lot of info out there about the healthiness of Spring Water, but I wanted to check it out and go for a pretty drive.

My brother found out about the spring through a website: Find A Spring dot Com.
You could find a spring near you by going to the website.

The thousand year old water was filtered by this:

I left my first Twinkle on the fence for the next water collector.


  1. I love to go to a spring to collect water. Near us, we have Rock Springs, a town with a spring similar to this one. I especially love to go in the winter when the area around it is all iced over, but yet the spring is gurgling out a bit.

  2. Interesting! I have seen people filling water bottles there before and wondered why... Now I know!


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