December 05, 2010

More From Ridgefield

These are from a trip I made last Monday, November 29.
I got an early start, but found that I didn't see a lot of birds. Here are some of the highlights.

Hooded Mergansers

I almost didn't see this Heron until I was directly across from him!

My second coyote sighting there! And a Northern Harrier following him. Can you see them both?

The week before, there was a Heron in the road...and he was in the same spot again! Well, one would assume it was the same heron, but who really knows, right?

Maybe he just likes the view from there. It is nice.

And a Harrier was on the same post as the week before. I crept up hoping to capture a good photo....

...but he took off hunting.

These Greater White-Fronted Geese were nice to see. This is a bird I rarely see.


  1. Nice! That first merganser photo is so pretty...

  2. Nice set of images! Ridgefield is an interesting place.


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