January 17, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

I really wanted to get out and take some photos this weekend, but it was just too dark and dreary. During a break in the rainshowers, I wandered out in the backyard looking for something inspiring.

A bit of color! Heather is blooming.....

Red-twig Dogwood:

"Flowers" on the Filbert tree:

It was getting to be time for the evening feeding and the Juncos and Chickadees were busy looking for food at the feeders.

I was excited to see this bright green patch below the apple tree. You know what those are? Spring bulbs! Here is a photo of what this bed will look like in a couple of months. Although that was three years ago, so it looks even better now.

Only a couple more months...........


  1. Spring bulbs? Soo exciting!

  2. we're ready for those couple of months to pass!!

  3. Love these photos! Anxiously awaiting spring here as well. But we did enjoy ice skatings weekend. The lake at our cabin was completely frozen. So beautiful and so much fun!

  4. Nature doesn't cease to amaze us, rain or shine... Such beautiful pictures. And what a variety of birds in your garden, amazing!

  5. I literally gasped at the beauty of your nature pictures. Coming to your blog instantly settled me with a kind and gentle peace. Your photos are so vivid, I felt like I was actually there! It is still complete and total winter here, so thank you for sharing these lovelies today.
    P.S. I posted my finished Mason jar cozy on my blog today. Thanks again for your awesome tutorial!


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