February 08, 2011

Ankeny NWR

Yesterday I visited Ankeny NWR for the first time. I went with my good friend Laura who has been there many times and leads Audubon classes there a couple of times a year.

We got lucky and got a bit of sunshine and only a few showers.

I was glad to have a scope to look through, as most of the viewing is out on the water and a bit far away for binoculars. Because of that, I didn't get many bird photos.

We saw a lot of waterfowl.

Northern Pintails were abundant. Such beauties!

The skies were dark at times and shortly after this we got poured on!

The view from a mossy blind....

There were tons of tweety birds on the trail to the blind. I think we counted over 10 species including Bushtits, lots of Golden-crowned Kinglets, and Brown Creepers.

They flitted around as they gleaned insects off the mossy branches. Even sparrows were moving through looking for food under the moss.

And a Brown Creeper.

All in all a *great* day. we saw 43 species and had a wonderful time!


  1. Great recap! I had a marvelous time. Don't forget the cutie Acorn Woodpecker!

  2. Nice Brown Creeper pic! They are hard to shot.

  3. Such amazingly beautiful pictures again! Makes me sigh....

  4. Ooh it looks like you had a great day even with a little rain! The Bushtit is adorable- great shot! If that mossy bird blind is the one I'm thinking of, it always gives me the creeps!

  5. You got some great photos using the scope. I think I need one. My favorite picture is the moss-roofed blind.

  6. definitely looks like a great day!


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