February 23, 2011

Early Spring Garden

I reviewed my vegetable garden over the weekend and took stock of how things weathered this winter. I started some peas indoors and have purchased some seed potatoes to plant soon.

Mesclan Mix greens are resprouting.

I trimmed off the slug eaten Collard leaves.

Garlic sprouts.

Purple Kale.

A few flowers are starting to grow and show some color...

Lungwort: a hummingbird favorite.

Stripey tulip leaves.

Daffodil buds.

Now, will we really be getting the 1-3" of snow they are predicting???


  1. Wow you have such a nice variety going... Hope they don't mind the snow!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! We're so jealous! We are just getting slammed with one winter storm after another here in central Ohio. I think we both feel as if spring will never come, but if it does - we will have made it and our sanity will return. :) Thanks for sharing your spring so we can remember it will return here too!


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