February 11, 2011

Rainbow Mandala

I just *love* this!

This was so much fun to make (and so easy!) that I made a second one and might just have to make more. She warned that they are addictive on her blog pattern. Do check out the pattern and her fun blog, Crochet with Raymond.


  1. Hi , love your Mandala. The graded colours give a stunning effect :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Hello. :)

    Your mandala is really lovely. I really like the edging. I'm working on a rainbow granny stripe blanket right now and it is SO tempting to stop and make one of these with my yarn.

  3. How very beautiful! Alice's inspiration is so contagious xox

  4. Wow! I am always so impressed with your crochet work!

  5. Crochet with Raymond2/12/11, 8:51 PM

    Beautiful! It looks just lovely, and will be goegeous by candle light too!!!!!
    And I'm so very not sorry for causing another person to become a mandala addict!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Looking forward to seeing your next colours!

  6. So BEAUTIFUL!!! love your colours, they seem to illuminate :)

  7. Love it! It's super colorful and so happy! :)


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