February 06, 2011

Winter Projects

Today I tried a new recipe from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. I found a copy at a second hand store for five bucks and I have tried three recipes now. Everything has been so good! Today I made Crunchy Millet Bread. I wish I could share the recipe, but it's probably not legal. I checked around and couldn't find it published on the web, so I guess you will have to go out and find your own copy of the book.

The loaf "proofing."

Freshly sliced. I ate it before the photo.

The millet does indeed add a nice crunch, but it would still be good for sandwich bread. I enjoyed it with butter and Spanish Garbanzo Stew over quinoa. It was very tasty!

In other news, I am doing some charity crochet for two groups (see links to the left). Currently I am making squares for Crochet-A-Rainbow. It's a project for Australian flood victims. It has been fun to play with different colors.

I have 12 1/2 squares done now.

The following is one of my favorite color combos:

Despite all this indoor stuff, I made it out into the garden for an hour or so and got some much needed clean-up work done too!
Tomorrow I visit Ankeny NWR for the first time. Stay tuned....


  1. Your crochet is beautiful :)

  2. I got hungry just looking at the bread...I love homemade bread.

  3. Mmmm that bread looks yummy! And I really like the photo of the stack of the crochet squares. Hope you have fun at Ankeny!

  4. Yummy looking bread !
    I love your crochet squares.
    Hope you enjoy Ankeny. Have a wonderful day !


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