April 22, 2011

Ridgefield on Monday Morning

It wasn't raining Monday morning so I drove up to Ridgefield NWR to take a look around. Birds were singing and the sun was peeking out amoungst the clouds.

A few ducks, including these Ring-necked Ducks, were still hanging around.

Lots of blackbirds in the cattails.

Many swallows were flying overhead.

I could hear lots of Common Yellowthroats and Marsh Wrens singing. These Marsh Wrens really blend in!

I hesitate to even try to ID this bird, but here I go....Greater Yellowlegs??? Am I right?

Butter butts!

A sculptural perched heron.

Oh love these sexy guys! Common Yellowthroats are such striking birds.

I spent 3 hours driving through the refuge and had a great morning.


  1. Awesome! Love the yellowthroat peeking out/singing behind the leaves. I agree that looks like a Greater Yellowlegs. Glad you had a good visit!

  2. Your photos tell a nice story of the day. I like the "in-habitat" feel that gives you more story than super close-ups (the kind I tend to take).

    You are correct on the Greater Yellowlegs.

  3. Cool Yellowthroat pics! Nice cropping.


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