May 17, 2011

Cooper Mountain Nature Park

A friend and I met early yesterday morning and walked Cooper Mountain Nature Park.
The rain held off and we even got some blue sky.
The first thing I heard when getting out of the car were these guys singing. They were all over the place and one of the most prevalent birds we saw.

We were on the look out for migrants. It seems many have just shown up in the last week or two. We weren't let down. We saw Warblers, Vireos and Tanagers.

This is an Orange Crowned Warbler isn't it?

The iris were just beautiful!

Wild Strawberries

Fawn Lily

This cute White-breasted Nuthatch was taking some food to the nest box. For mom? Or could there be young ones already?

I'd like to say that I planned for the wonderful colors in these photos, but it just happened. I am so in love with this wren and the warm blues and browns in the photos.

Of course, it never fails that when one bird is in perfect photography range, another appears and I am trying to take photos of them all. This Western Bluebird didn't want to be ignored.

Such color!

(photo taken with a retro camera app on my phone)

We had a fun walk and saw 29 species!
I need to get back to that park more often.


  1. Beautiful photos. Looks like a wonderful walk.

  2. hi michele...mike from fairview here. we visited re:birdhouse supply chain. I would like to show you my product to give you an idea of what I produce...I will attempt to attach a sampler. mm

  3. Great photos! I love that park, so different from the Tualatin Hills Nature Park nearby.

  4. Awesome! Your bluebirds came out so BLUE! And I would agree that's an Orange-crowned...

  5. You take awesome pics! I enjoy coming and looking at them.

  6. LOL. I was at RNWR recently and had a MarshnWren sitting in the open on one side of the road and a Redhead swimming in the canal on the other. Man was I conflicted.


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