May 05, 2011

Garden Review

We have had some sunny weather lately so I've been able to get out and enjoy the flowers and birds.

These are some of my favorite tulips. They are almost black.

I startled this Mourning Dove off the ground and into the tree. Picture Perfect.

'Snowdrift' Crabapple has pink buds and opens to white blossoms. When the petals fall it looks like its snowing.

Male Mallards are around every day. Sometimes up to five. Occasionally there is a male and female.

I wanted to photograph my crochet project in front of the flowers, but I guess someone else wanted in on the photo too.

I don't have great numbers of birds lately, but I do have good variety.

Yellow-rumped Warblers are around frequently. And yesterday evening a White-crowned Sparrow showed up.

Chickadees are abundant. This guys sings every evening in the tree. I hope he finds a nice female chickadee. My garden needs more chickadees. It seems they have started a nest in one house. It has a grey and black fur filled nest. Looks like my old pup, Nina's fur.

Chestnut-backed Chickadees are still around, but they don't seems to be nesting in my yard.

The stink eye...


  1. Beautiful photos, I especially love the one with the morning dove in your apple tree. Thank you for sharing them. :-)

  2. your photos are fantastic as always. how do you do it?

    {no, seriously, how do you do it?}

  3. What beautiful Tulips!

  4. Thank you for the nice comments everyone! Chook- that is sweet of you, I have been practicing for many years and the beauty of digital is that I can delete a lot and just post my favorites. Love digital! :)


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