May 29, 2011

Ridgefield Today

I don't recall ever seeing this duck before:::A Blue-winged Teal!

Cinnamon Teals were prevalent.

It was cloudy, but dry this morning.

Those Yellow-headed Blackbirds just don't want to get too close for photos.

And another yellow bird far in the distance....American Goldfinch:

Great Egret

Tree Swallow

Canada Geese family

It wouldn't be Ridgefield without some Great Blue Heron and Red-winged Blackbird pics.

Common Yellowthroat

Singing Savannah Sparrow

The Bunnies were out and about!!!

A fun morning! I am looking forward to visiting again next week and walking the Kiwa Trail.


  1. Great shot of the common yellowthroat. Those little guys are tough to get!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful Blue-Winged Teal! I may have to go to Ridgefield soon!

  3. Lovely outing! Love blue-winged teal and cinnamon teal! Our only sightings of cinnamon teal are so far at Bosque del Apache, NM. Hope life is good for you.

  4. Oh I love that first bunny photo with those giant ears- so cute. And the Blue-winged Teal is a beaut. Too bad I didn't make it up there earlier!

  5. I've had the best luck seeing blue-winged Teal at TRNWR. Saw several last spring and summer and one so far this year, though I spread my outing around a bit more now, so I haven't been to TRNWR as much this year.
    Nice series of pics. Nice Yellowthoat. I've yet to get a good pic of one yet this year.


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