June 07, 2011

Baby Hummingbirds

A very astute reader (my mother) noted that I hadn't done a follow up post on the nesting hummingbird. I visited the nest about 9 days ago and look what I found!!

I was told the mama was off the nest a lot and out searching for food for her two babies.

She returned and perched in the nearby tree keeping one eye on me and one on the neighbor washing his car.

Finally she flew down and fed the hungry babies.

I expect they will fledge any day, so I doubt there will be more photos. What a treat to see this all up close!


  1. Clearly, fecal sac removal is not in the hummer's vocabulary.

  2. Yeah, I guess she just flings it out. There sure is a lot of poo.

  3. Those are awesome!

    I wonder if they do like a lot of other birds do when they poo...they stick their butts out of the nest and let it fly, literally. If you watched the Decorah eagles, they did that exact thing. When they had to poo they stood up, bent their bodies down and let it fly so that it didn't get in the nest. I was shocked when I first saw that.

  4. Ooooohhhh sooo cute!! I'm glad you made it back to get photos!!

  5. i love the lichen nest! great photos, as usual. thanks.

  6. How super awesome!!!! I've only found one or two hummingbird nests and never one with babies. Love it!


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