June 14, 2011

Birds, Flowers, and Puppy

I went to visit my parent's house outside of Stayton the other day. On the drive there, look what I saw!

I thought maybe these were raised and released for hunting, but evidentally there are some wild turkey populations here. This is on Nature Conservancy land.

This time of year my parent's bird feeders are very active. They get a lot of Purple Finches, American Goldfinches, Black-headed Grosbeaks and more.

This finch is oddly colored. I didn't really see any House Finches. Could this be a Purple Finch?

As my friend Laura says: Dipped in raspberry sauce....

I always enjoy looking for things that I don't see in my garden. There were many mushrooms growing.

Remember Delaware? She's as friendly as ever.

Beautiful Bearded Iris.

Blooming peas.

Singing Song Sparrow in the Bird Garden.

This Tree Swallow is staking out his nesting site. The swallows were around, but didn't seem to be actively nesting yet.

I saw a pair of White-crowned Sparrows. One had a bug he was taking somewhere, when I got too close he gave out an alarm call. I suspect there was a nest nearby.

Sammie the puppy (don't be deceived by his size!) napped for maybe, oh, 5 minutes.

This is more representative of him.


  1. Whoa, Sammie is huge now!! And adorable. That orangey finch is pretty neat looking... Oh and the turkeys are awesome too!

  2. Looks like one happy pup! Enjoy your visit!

  3. Wow! What a place...my brother has a piece of property like that and I always feel like I'm visiting a state park. So much to see and do!

  4. I am really glad I followed the link on Stayton daily photo because your site is fantastic! I will come check it out again.


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