June 06, 2011

Ridgefield Swallows

I visited Ridgefield NWR yesterday. The weather was perfect and so was the lighting for photos! We walked the Kiwa Trail and saw lots of great birds. I think I'll do mulitple posts to show you all the photos.

I will start at the beginning with the official greeters:

Barn Swallows have built a nest under the cover of the kiosk at the entrance. They were busy flying in and out and keeping a close eye on their nest. There are a few signs and posts around and they were landing on them and watching their nest.

Tree Swallows were everywhere on the Kiwa trail and along the water.

All you have to do is watch a hole in a tree for a little while and surely you will see a swallow go in or out!

More tomorrow....


  1. Nice!! They really posed for you too!

  2. The barn swallows are somethin' else! I love the little guy on the bathroom sign.


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