July 11, 2011

Vacation:::Day 1

I have all kinds of grand vacation plans. I'm having a stay-cation and hope to do some baking, gardening, preserving, crocheting, birdwatching, reading, and lounging.

Yesterday I picked up a flat of strawberries at the farmers market and today I got to work on them.

I made two types of Jam...or syrup as the case may be. (I hope it is spread-able.)

First I made this Strawberry Lemon Marmalade. The combination is wonderful!

The second batch was this recipe which they call "traditional", but the addition of the orange liqueur and Drambuie make it anything but traditional to me. It appears to be a winner too!

Meanwhile I got two loaves of bread going:::Basic Whole Wheat

And a summer Macaroni Salad with Snap Peas.


  1. Those are some amazing-looking strawberries! Hoods? Looks like a whole lotta yummy going on there. Happy stay-cation!

  2. You really have a flair for photographing your cooking and crafts. You should submit some to a magazine.


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