July 14, 2011

Vacation:::Day 3, 4, 5

Tuesday I woke to rain! On my vacation! It was cloudy and dreary and I was supposed to go birding with a friend, but I'm a fair weather birder so I cancelled. I like to be able to take photos and not worry about everything getting wet.

After a while I decided I could go to Ridgefield NWR and do the auto loop and stay dry.
It was pretty dark and not ideal for photos and there wasn't anything super exciting, but its always a nice drive anyhow.

The speed enforcer was on duty.

I always get a heron shot at Ridgefield.

One of the three mammals I saw that morning.


Bald Eagle pair.

There were many White Pelicans in a few flocks and there were about 8 Great Blue Herons in this little group. There must have been some good food there!

I was hoping I'd see a coyote! He was a ways down the road. Probably looking for one of these:

Run Bun-bun, run!

When the rain stopped, I started in on all my garden projects. I have been weeding, tearing out weedy ground cover, removing stepping stones with weeds and preparing for a nice clean spreading of bark.

Originally this bed, the Hummingbird Garden, was separated from the Japanese maple, but I removed the sod between them and made it one long bed with a path in the middle.

I used newspaper under the mulch in many areas to keep the weeds and grass down. It gave me great pleasure to cover this Angelina Jolie/ Louis Vuitton ad with dirt. I bet they never thought their ad would end up here!

The Orchard (with my whole 2 fruit trees) has a new clean path that is weed-free!

Would you like to see what is down that path?




Raspberries. Try one!

I also put in a new path under the arbor which had become weed infested.

The pond is beyond the arbor and you know who lives there!

Tuesday Frog

Wednesday Frog

Thursday Frog
Yes, I really take a photo of him every day.


  1. I love the cute grebes and your yard is just lovely. You sure are ambitious! However, my favorite shot that I keep going back to over and over again is the heron in the water. It is so calm and ethereal! Love it! sorry your vacation got rained on!

  2. Oh man, garden envy! And frog envy! I wonder if we were at Ridgefield at the same time?! Rain and grey for sure! Hope the vacation weather improves!

  3. Your yard and Ridgefield are beautiful. I really enjoyed taking the tour and looked through the pictures several times.


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