July 19, 2011

Vacation::::Final Days

Yesterday was the last day of my vacation (sigh).

Sunday it was rainy and I did some baking. I made some Scones from this recipe.
I split the dough in half and did some without chocolate chips and some with. A sweet treat for a sweet friend's birthday. She got a jar of Strawberry Jam to go with them too.

Then I lounged around reading and watching movies and made some veggie pizza for a lunch/dinner.

One good thing about all this summer rain and cool temps--my chard and carrot seeds will get a good start.

I have yet to harvest a tomato and this is what my pumpkins look like:

Look at these mushrooms that sprouted overnight...really, I could swear they weren't there yesterday!

I was out at the pond looking for Froggie and a pigeon flew in. Perfect lighting.

Other rainy day projects consisted of some crochet. I am considering entering this into the WA county fair. I have some photos to enter and perhaps an apple pie. For now I am only sure that I will enter the photos. It seems novel to enter something into the fair, but I have no idea what others will enter.

Sunday Frog

Monday Frog

Tuesday Frog

He keeps finding new hidey holes and sometimes I have to search a long time to find him, or check back and look again. He's a sneaky little froggie.


  1. Sweet Friend says MMMMMMM!

  2. My pumpkins looks just like yours! I always love going to the fair and looking at all the stuff people exhibit. Good luck with your entries.

  3. Wow those scones look amazing... Awesome band-tailed pigeon shot, I've only seen them in tree tops. The mushroom/gnome photo is perfect!

  4. I love that gnome, too, all tucked in to his moss.

  5. Your vacation looks fabulous. We are heading up to MI at the end of this week for our vacation. Can't wait. :) Hoping you get some heat for your veggies...


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