August 01, 2011

Backyard Delights

The suet feeder has been full of action lately! The other day I counted seven Northern Flickers. I don't think I have ever seen so many together! I thought there was one family of four, but there must be two families. I see and hear the adults feeding the young and there is a lot of "chattering" going on.

The young ones seem to have trouble figuring out how to use the feeders and sit on top of them and wobble on the branches.

The patio pots are in full glory and the hummingbirds are at war over them.

A couple of Rufous hummers have shown up and they are chasing off the resident Anna's. Here is one perched over the flower beds.

This one is watching for his enemy:

He blends in well...

Some sad news: my old dog Nina, has passed away. She was a good old girl. We were together for 12 years. She was always ready to help in the garden. She loved watching the squirrels (well, chasing them) and barking at large birds flying over. This photo was taken last summer.

My garden isn't complete without a canine companion, so Maggie has joined me in the garden. Here she is surveying her new domain. She is overwhelmed with the large yard, but will soon rule...and has even told the squirrels so.


  1. Your flickers are so colorful! I confess our suet feeder had been neglected, but today I filled it. Your patio pots are super lovely - love that tiny yellow flower. Next year I'll do "driveway" pots. My Bee Balm is nice and red, too. And of course, I'm sorry about Nina, great photo, and am so glad you and Maggie found each other. What tricks have you been up to on your first two days together?

  2. First off, AMAZING set of photos! You do such a great job of capturing birds.

    I'm so sorry about sweet Nina. She just beams love in that photo. It sounds like Maggie has some big shoes to fill, but I trust that she's up to it. xo

  3. Awwwww I'm so so sorry to hear about Nina!!! 12 years is a long time and she was so lucky to have you. I want to hear more about this Maggie character!

    Seven flickers!! That's crazy. Love that first Rufous photo.

  4. Your photos are fantastic ! Yup my garden always has a cainine companion, Our Miggy ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. I'm sorry about the loss of your Nina! My parents just went through the loss of theirs at 11 years old and it's really hard.
    Your pictures are beautiful, it's a great stress-reliever to come and look at them.

  6. Nina was a good dog and friend, we flourished because of her.

    Maggie is a sweet dog and will rule her land well, but she will never be Nina.

    A new time is ushering in with new possibilities and new growth and new friends. We will miss you Nina and we welcome you Maggie.

    With Love,

    The Garden

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Nina. I always liked seeing the pics you posted of her in the garden.

  8. Sorry to hear about your dog Nina. We had to put one of our two Beagles down about a year ago. Very difficult to do.

  9. I truly love those photos specially the colorful beautiful flowers.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  10. Wow, very cool to have so many flickers at your feeders. I am lucky if I see one. Wonderful photos of the birds and the flowers. I am sorry about the loss of your dog Nina. I am sure you have wonderful memories of her.


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