August 15, 2011


It's been a while since I posted. So many things to do: pet the dog, walk the dog, play with the dog....

Maggie has become the Queen of the Backyard. The squirrels watch out for her and she has thoroughly sniffed every corner of the yard.

The lilies blossomed. They were as grand as ever. Maggie is posing for scale.

I made some Dilly Beans, an annual favorite. And a few jars of pickled beets to try out.

Today I have some Bread and Butter Pickles started. They have to be iced for a few hours.

In the veggie garden, slicing cucumbers are in full production. I love them!

My pumpkin plant, 'Howden', has taken over, but has two giant pumpkins that seem to grow more everyday!

The early tomato, Oregon Spring, was green last week, and I picked two nearly ripe ones to finish ripening on the windowsill. The first of the season. The other plants are loaded, but green.

Thank you for all your nice comments lately! How is your summer?

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  1. First of all, your veggies look amazing! I've never seen garden cucumbers look so picture perfect. Second, Maggie is beautiful! Love the picture with her sitting with the lilies. And oh yeah, yummmmmmmmm dilly beans!


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