September 13, 2011

Early Morning at Ridgefield

I got an early start Sunday morning and took a drive through Ridgefield. The sky was hazy due to wildfires east of there. I saw very few birds (nothing photo worthy), but it was a picturesque morning anyhow.

I took Maggie along. Dogs are allowed in the car. The most exciting thing we both saw was this coyote! Maggie and I have both been thinking about him. What a beauty. I'm sure he/she could smell her and she could smell him/her. I took lots of photos of the wild canine.

It appears he has breakfast in the above photo. A vole perhaps? I saw a lot of scat on the road, mostly consisting of blackberries.

I'm sure he sees and smells Maggie in the car. Maggie was quiet, but had her eye on him.

He would go a little ways and turn around to watch us, then go a little more and turn around again. Such a treat to finally get a good look at one!


  1. Ooooohhhh how awesome!!! I haven't seen one at Ridgefield that close in so long! I love all the shots.. I am really going to miss the wildfire haze. Especially at sunset/moon rise. You are lucky Maggie was quiet!

  2. Ah, so that's the trick. Maybe I should bring my Beagle with me to RNWR. :-)
    Very nice pictures!


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