September 23, 2011

Getting Closer

I got a new toy for my camera: extension tubes. I'm still playing with them and the jury is out. I'm not sure that they give me more magnification. In some cases I think I could have gotten the same effect with cropping. And in some of these photos I still cropped.

These were all taken in my backyard.

Seed pod from a yard weed

Lichen on a bird feeder


Hens and Chicks

Fly on Cuphea

Insect on Lemon Gem Marigolds

Chickpea pod (yes, they are still growing! Update soon!)

Parlsey flower section

Here is the whole Parsley flower head

Bee Fly on an allium


Moth on Corsican Mint:::this might be the best small "thing" photo I got. This moth was itty-bitty.


Leaf on pond


  1. I think they're pretty cool!

  2. These are awesome... I think the little fly faces are my favorites!

  3. I loved the pictures. You did a splendid job. I hope you are having a good time with your new extension lenses. Cropping gives almost the same effect but the lens improves the clarity. Try yourself, click picture of same object with and without lens. You will notice the difference. With time you will appreciate the possession. Till then enjoy!


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