September 02, 2011

Postcards from the Oregon State Fair

Can you find the Queen Bee?

Lots of Dahlias (Karen!!)

Yarn spinning...had to get a photo of the knit socks.


  1. So pretty. Remember when I took Godzilla to the chicken barn? Ah, those were the days...

  2. Catching up on your blogs your photos are resonating what is going on in my life or I would love to see. Gardens, Flowers and few creaters. Even entered some photos at our fall fair this past weekend. Unfortunatly too busy to make it to the fair. One of the photos catagories is past fair photos. As I never seem to make it to our fair I had none for that catagory. Anyway did get 3 2nd place and 1 3rd place. Anyway just seeing so much here reminding me of mine.

  3. Awesome!! I only went to the Oregon State Fair once but I remember loving the piglets especially... Don't want to think about their fate so much, though...


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